Why do this to me?

You know its hard for me to stay where I am
When we have no communication just when laying in bed
I tell you I love you and you just look at me
Have I let my feelings get to deep?

I tell you I miss you and your reply shocks me
You silly girl is all you send me
I get more response from my friends and family
And they are not the ones that I want to be with for eternity

My feelings are slowly drifting away from you
And it seems like there is nothing I can do
You won't say I love you or miss you that for sure
Its like you take my feelings for granted and throw them in the dirt

You may care for me and not want me to leave
But if I don't start getting affection that may be what has to be
I love you I do but I can't keep this up
I feel like a glorified roommate that you want to fuck

I feel like I'm just here until you find someone better
Its hard for me to tell you so should I write it in a letter
I don't want to hurt you in anyway
But all I feel right now is sadness and pain

I deserve to be loved and treated the way that I want to be treated
But it seems you don't want to do that I don't think are feelings are related
You only talk to me when it pertains to you most of the time
Like what I deal with and what I go through is a waste of your time

I just don't know what to do anymore
Besides possibly pack my bags and hit the door
I love you and this is hard to say
But I have to say goodbye before it causes me more pain

You were truly loved and I hope you know that
And I never did cheat on you I promise you that
You're a great guy and you will find someone new
Who can deal with you being selfish and not need the things I do

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