why do we?

Why do we love?
Strip ourselves down to nothing,
but our relentless hearts,
baring all our deepest desires,
for a simple and yet,
powerful, four letter word,
coined by authors and poets,
and frankly overused,
by everyday people like us.
Some may say that love,
is worth the pain it causes,
and that without it,
humans would be
despairing useless creatures,
searching aimlessly for
an inkling of hope in life,
but the way I see it,
life, and love,
are nothing more than
a train ride.
They wait for no one,
closing their doors to,
those not brave enough
to take a leap of faith.
Why do we love?
For that seems to be
the grand question
for which there is no answer
just as there is no answer
for why we live.
We are merely small specks
of mortals in a world of billions
and yet,
we still love
for no reason whatsoever,
except because we can.

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