Why Do We Love?

When was the last time you were told: "I love you!"?
When was the last time you returned it and said: "I love you too!"
To your lover, husband, girlfriend, partner, wife, friend, boyfriend,
Side chick, or your genuine "boo," the one who makes you go cuckoo?

Now, when was the last you really meant it, felt it and absorbed it?

I love you because you encouraged me to be a cheater?
I love you because with you I'm better?
I love you because I picture you nude?
Come on, why do you love, dude?

What does love mean nowadays?
Do people still fall in love within days?
Do people still fall for each other in typical ways?
I fell for you because of your pretty face, nice eyes, muscularity,
Cute dimples, white teeth, nice hair, popularity,
Big busts, long, slinky legs, and erotic phantasm?
Did I fall for you because of your smooth grasp?

You'll toss him/her aside like a used glove if you see lust as love.
Love is not something you can simply get rid of.
For some of us, once we fall in, it's hard to get out of.
We don't know why we love anymore.
Perhaps it's because we don't know what it is anymore.

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