Why do you smoke?

The air I breath that you exhale,
makes me feel like something stale,
the room is filled and I do choke,
why do you have to smoke?

It gets in my lungs and up my nose,
you can even smell it on my clothes,
living with you is no joke,
why on earth do you have to smoke?

It annoys me when you flick your ash,
and all that wasted hard earned cash,
you borrow some money when your broke,
why oh why do you have to smoke?

When you have that craving for a fag,
and you search for a cigarette in your handbag,
for your lungs you need to stoke,
just why do you have to smoke?

When asked to quit, you always had an answer,
not any more, you died of lung cancer,
now in hell, the Devils fire you eternally stoke,
just why did you have to smoke!

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    This is a thought provoking poem about people who smoke