Why do you write

People ask me why I write.And I never know what to say.
I guess it's cause I'm hoping someone somewhere will
listen one day.And someone will repeat it one day.
So I won't be erased. I guess it's because when I write
I finally listen to myself.I take my thoughts down from
the shelf, and blow the dust off.I open up darker parts
of my head.And writing helps me oil my mind back
into a machine that can piece together reasons to live,
to fight, to dream.I write so more people will know of
my name.And the way I empty out my head onto paper
just to clean it out. And to see if anyone feels the
same way as what I write about. I write to flee the
silence that has been paired with violence. My writing
is like music. Music helps the silence from being so
violent, to me.And I think I need to write to breathe.
And if you feel the same, maybe you can listen to me.

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