Why Don\'t You Get It?

She says she’s fine but she’s going insane
She says she feels good but she’s in a lot of pain
She says it is nothing but really it’s a lot
She says she's ok but really she’s not

She is fine. She’s a daughter hiding her depression
She’s your sister making a good impression
She’s your friend acting as if she is fine
A teenager pushing her tears aside
She is the one sitting next to you
The one who is feeling down and blue
She is the one asking you to care
Your best friend hoping that you’ll be there
She is the girl who bottles it up
Cuz the only words she hears is shut the “F” up
She is the one who doesnt speak out
The one who is scared to be in big crowds
She is the one afraid to be judged
Cuz last time she spoke she almost got punched
She is the girl who hates to cry
She is your friend who wants to die
Now do you understand why
She does not speak she hates to cry
Every time she does they move away or die
Going to Heaven or the other side
Of the county, country or state
Well there goes another closed gate
All she seems to do is wrong
She cant even sing a song
She is always reminded she is a mistake
Well she didn’t wanna be here anyways
Everytime she gives her heart away
They seem to pulverize it tear it apart
Now for her she can barely trust
She feels left in the dust
Unwanted like something that is rust

This perfect little princess no one sees her pain
The way she bottles it up inside she’ll most likely go insane
But if someone reaches out to her and pulls her back to shore
Then maybe she could be the girl she was once before
This perfect little princess deep in despair
Feels like the world’s against her they seem not to care
She walks around like a zombie struggling through life
Hoping someday she won’t live in pain and strife
That her friend is no longer mr. knife
Or whatever she chose to use
The scars on her body tell the truth
What she never did is done
A penny for her thoughts , NO! She’ll sell em for a dollar
They’re worth so much more after she’s a goner
Then maybe they’ll hear the words she’s been singing
Funny when you’re dead how people start listening.

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This Poems Story

This is about my struggle with depression when diagnosed with Schizzoaffect disorder: Bipolar type.