Why Has Thou Forsaken Me

By Crystal   

My brook has run dry and I am stuck in this valley,
It puzzles me to not know why for I have done
everything to help me be.
Days have turned into weeks and weeks into years,
You would think I would be use to it; especially
the tears.
To put forth effort to compete with society for a
better life,
To only be hit with rejection, heart ache and strife.
It is hard to keep your head up; be positive and
Particularly when this devastation and drought
has lasted so long.
To seek relief and answers, you fall on your knees,
With your arms outstretched, eyes closed and asking
God, why has thou forsaken me?
You purge until you have emptied of yourself and
there are no more tears to lend,
After you dry your eyes, you are left wondering if
your brook will ever run again!!!!

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