Why Hate?

Is not enough that others hate our kind but you hate your own kind where do you draw than line
Out here yelling you hate black women
Remember that your mother and grandma are black women and if you having sex it doesn’t matter the race how can you stand there and look your black daughter in the face or did you forget what’s your race?!

We’re the most hated out the human race black is wrong in every which and way
And other women yelling they’re better than than the other remember we still don’t earn equal pay remember it doesn’t matter what’s the race how can you sit there and look your daughter in the face or did you forget your gender title?!

And while all ethnic groups yelling they hate each other remember we are still on the bottom under all the white privileges above us
So instead of talking about how much you hate one another turn ya neighbor and say how much you love em because we only have each other in this life until we realize that not one race or gender isn’t right!

As long as we continue down this road the history of Ethnics and women goes untold.

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by a Facebook post about how much black men and women from other race stating how much they hate black women. I felt something had to be said so I said it.