Why I close my eyes

Submerged in a cocoon of cloth
Mentally withdrawn
Into the twisted endless labyrinth
Living in my doubtful maybes
Where my make believe is reality
Impossibilities are truth
Memories tainted by the days mixed emotions
Faces blurred to the point they become irrelevant
Personalities flourish
Mingled by my unreal standards
Creating from the clay that is mind
fading into distilled delusions
The idea of you is distorted gaily
The I wish to remember
Content with this smokeless high
Induced by my own weariness
Situations run hand-n-hand with creativity
Vivid picture play
Trapped in unknown dimensions
Without time
Worries choose, melting or magnification
Replayed happenings of things almost forgotten
Words unspoken seen to scream
My real life gone
Tonight I leave
Into myself
Into the vivid dreams

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