Why i love Soldier’s Daughter

My father walks on City road naïve his demise on the lane
He walked behind his brother in-law to Wau north army fort
Yes, to go and see a brother to his in-law in the fort

They’re all naive the coming dark hour on the lane
The plan coups for the new government need a seat
Coup planners caught them on road to cover president’s seat

My father inside voltage roasting with men to ushering a new president
His body not found in the file up lifeless at voltage ingress, only courage men standpoint
One -ninety nine without him were counted by dare not coward men

Add his soul on that and find the number; your dad heard sad news of daddy
He is a hero like my dad, he took his gun without order and avenge as one sample
Didn’t you know that your dad slew two hundred in my dad title?

He did it though my dad wasn’t a solider like your dad
A son of a fallen hero love a daughter of hero your dad
I call you darling with wit,

My father in the living world will be your father in-law in that world
Yours is my father-in-law in this world
For I know that your father will accept me as son-law in this world

That is why I call you darling, me?
Don’t you need to caress me?
I’m ready darling come on; caress for me

I with open arms come caress me and let all cheerfully for us?
While we us celebrate our passion to let it shine upon us
For I’ve wit I love you among zillion girls in this nation ours

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