Why I write

It is in my blood
Running through my veins
From the man I never met
Who I have only known in black and white
To my name
Which belonged to a women
A revolutionary before her time
Whose talent inspired generations
It is because I am dreamer
With a world in my mind
And when I feel I feel deeply
I ache
Bearing the burden of strangers on my shoulders
Every sad story breaks me a little and every sad face lingers too long
And when i fall
It is almost too easily
With silly boys with pretty smiles
who never even give me a moment of time
When I hurt
I bleed, I indulge in my misery
And when I cry, i sob
I drown in it all
Burning with desire
Because noting about me is simple
And I never seem to get what I want
I don’t have the courage to ask
my voice is not quite loud enough
When I speak I merely whisper
My truth always hidden in riddles
Too afraid to show myself
So I write

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