Why I’m Depressed

I don’t feel like getting up today, my head is really hurting.
My body aches, the lights are too bright, but I must return to life.
The dog needs out and the kid needs fed, God, I don’t want to leave this bed.
The bills are late and the heat is low, the house is cold, time to shovel snow.
It’s off to work and no time to play, I wish that it didn’t have to be this way.
Class was boring and work really sucked, its home I go to clean and mop.
The house is dirty, the cupboards are bare,
There’s not enough food for the both of us here.
My eyes are blurry, the migraines return, and I have no more energy to burn.
I need to lay down, but there’s so much to do, I can’t get up, but no sleep until 2,
When all the works done and the kid is content,
And the dog is fed and I find money for rent.
Maybe tomorrow I can sleep in, no I guess not, and my thoughts start to spin.
More bills to pay, more work to find, more homework due and there’s no more time. Another Tylenol or maybe a Motrin, time for sleep, tomorrows wide open.

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