Why Is It

Why Is It…

Why is it that I think about you all of the time
It’s like I close my eyes, and you linger in my brain
Memories and thoughts of you collide, like a shack and a wrecking ball
As I put pen to paper, as I begin to write about your beauty
Instantly, rhyme schemes and lyrics begin to arise...

Why is that you never fail to delight me
You could just look in my direction and I'll fall into a state of hypnosis
Like a leaf gliding across the air, is my attraction to you
Like a boat and an ocean, my songs for you float through the air
And like a drum, my heart beats for you...

Why is that you’re so amazing
And that your elegance always seems to consume me
By one sound of your voice, you captivate my heart
Even more alluring, I see God in you
And when I'm with you, it's like I’m in a different dimension
And it's amazing...

Why is it...

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