Why? Is the Question

As I look back
Across the lonely years
And examine my life
All the useless fears

I see a confused young boy
Without guidance and direction
No instruction manual on life
Only inherited need for affection

He knew not his destiny
How a boy turns into a man
At the young age of ten
A girl stole his heart and ran

He knew not of love’s ways
Only that feeling within his heart
That it would stay there forever
And that girl was the start

She moved away at fourteen
Leaving him to wonder why
Why did he fall in love with her?
Of this he stared into starlit skies

Years would pass
And love would find him again
But not as before
It just wasn’t the same

Love seems to come and go
An agenda all its own
It can stay with you forever
And it can leave you all alone

You can go through life passive
And even get mad
Blame everyone and everything
Spend days and nights so sad

Or you can
Thank the stars above
That you’ve been chosen
Receiving the gift of love

I’ve never seen her again and
No reason to believe I ever will
But at least I’ve known true love
And my heart she’ll always fill

So now at sixty-six
I still look to the sky
But now with understanding
To questions of why

Copyright © Sharon’s Poet 2022

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Key Words : Love, first time love, unrequited love forever love

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