Why Is The Teardrop The Trademar

Were is a woman minister,
when her heart is the most powerfulest lietature,
that is written in a untold scripture,
Heartaches and pain become a combine mixture,
that releases a heart braking tempature,
her struggles broadcast a severeshower,
Which makes her eyes rain for hours,
Tears is what her heart resemble,
loud thunders of pain what makes her heart tremble,
her captivating story is compelling,
which is the reason her eyes are swelling,
no love in this game,
when pain remains the same,
the pain that is sicken,
will be the pain that's given,
unwanted tears become a enigma
while past actions become a stigma,
How could she accept love when it dosent even trust itself,
seems to her love is only faithful to pain and death,
the beauty that's reviled,
becomes the beauty that's killed,
todsy is a test day and I hope she skilled,
How can she know the past women of victory,
when her history was written by those who practice bigotry,
so I guess that question is left a mystery,
Whi is the tear drop the trademark of a woman heart?

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