Why Lord

Why Lord, oh why did I have to
experience this life with all of its pain?
So much hurt and my childhood stolen,
the abuse left such an ugly stain.

The months living on the streets
where daily I sought a place to lay down.
Seeking some type of peace through drugs
only led me to a place where I was bound.

Then came the thirteen-plus years in prison
where it seems like everything was lost,
but at the same time my life was found
because I found myself at the foot of the cross.

I had reached the place in my life
where I knew that I could no longer be in control.
That is when the Spirit came into my heart
and began the process of making me whole.

The question I ask is no longer, "Why?"
but, "Lord, how can I be used?"
The way of the Lord and His power
causes the natural man to be confused.

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