Why Me

Why do I have to be in pain ?
Why do people always talk
about me when I'm not in the room.
I don't care if you don't like me
or if you hate me, like I said
" I don't care" But why me?
Why did you have to pick me ?
Am I ugly to you?
Us it because I read to many books?
Tell me please tell me why.
I have not done anything to you
and hers you are talking about be
like I did something wrong to you.
I may be caring, love and helpful
to those who need it.
I cared about you and all you did
was walk all over me.
I don't hate just dislike and I won't talk
bad about you when you are not here.
I may cry at night before I go to sleep
and when I dream I may be happy in my
dreams because in my dreams people do
care about me and they do love me back.
I do have feelings you just can't tell because
I hid it well from you every day.
And every day I ask myself "Why me"Why am I here"
And then I find myself saying, " I know what I need to do ".

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