why me

Why me
Why did you do this to me
Why did you act like you love me to just leave here in pain.
Why did you fill me with this false sense of hope
You made me feel like i was pretty
That i was worth something
That i deserve something more than what i had
That i deserve a family
That i deserve happiness and love
You made me feel love
Like i was wanted
Then you took it away
You it away from me
You told me that you hated
That you couldn’t stand the sight me
That i was disgusting and you don’t know why you were with me
So you left me .
You left me with these memories
You left to pick up these pieces you broke inside me
Why would you do this me
Don't tell me that it be gonna be okay
Cause nothing about this is okay
You and your lies.
Why would you do this to me
Why would you wake up this feeling is inside me
Why would you do this me
Why not just leave me alone

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This Poems Story

It express whats it like to finally fall in love and have your heart broken for the first time in a long time.