Why Me

To have person blame everything on you is like
touching a burning stove; unexpected and unbearable.
It’s ok they say it’s not your fault they say.
But their disappointment sinks into your bones;
The distance chime of success taunting you.
Thinking back to a time when life
Just all felt like a well rested nights sleep,
But now the dark expectations rise above
All innocent dreams crashing down with the burden of
rejection, reality, and a futureless life.
Last night; house exploding with shattering voices.
My mom saying I better step it up
It seems as if everyone glares at me with blank stares
As if to whisper “ You were never even wanted in the first place.”
I sit thinking of what feels right, growing…experiencing…
Thinking of my good memories I remember
marshmallow gooey on my fingers,
the greasy delicious smell of fair food during the summer.
But coldness splashed me
washing and fading my memories
replacing them with their disapproval, disappointment
and the accusations of never thinking of anyone but myself.
There never was an escape from the
future, reality, there never will be.

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