why not blame nature

The thought makes her jerk like a startled rabbit
Eyes widen in panic like did someone see me
Her hand clamps a mouth in anguished fright
From where, yes from the place of pleasure or shame
Then a feeling of deep regret wrecks her peace
But starting as a thought to entertain not to sin
Desire sprung up like a flower of convulsive need
Erect cucumbers prick the blouse like a pin
A hand dropped to swampy robots stroking
Elicits gasping moans of delightful release
But the aftermath makes her feel like dying
Why did I do it when will I stop this she wails
Unaware at the same moment a man there
Also feels same uttering the identical regrets
His a little idea about a woman somewhere
Hardened his cobra, its head jerks like a grinder
His hand massaged the delicious sweetener
Then a convulsion resembling cycling downhill
Sent his mouth into a throaty iyaaya outcry
The cobra spurts out grey staff like flour of the mill
He panics going like was I seen by any eye?
A hand jumps to the lips in anguished remorse
Why did I do it when will I stop this he wails
The bedsheets are baffled things are so unclear
Why that woman wanted to satisfy a need
Which this man satisfied by an identical deed
Then why didn’t they know it and be together?
And oh ya maybe they would not even feel shame
Because it would have been a normal game
Why the boundaries the two can’t cross? Blame Nature?

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