Why Not In Your Right Hand?

Every night and especially when everything went so dark
I came out from my house
Trying to recognize who is that person who stood so long out
"It's me, your lover!", he said
"Why you are standing in the dark?", I asked
"To see my lovely moon", he replied
"But there is no moon tonight!", I shouted
"You are my beautiful moon only", he said
My cheek turned red and I kept silent for a while
"What happened?", he asked
"Nothing, I just love you so much", I replied
Then, I grabbed one of that unique star
Which is there in that black sky
And I cleaned it very well
To give you as a gift
And now it sparkles like the way your eyes shine
And I came so closer to you
And put it on your left hand
"Why not in your right hand?", you and everyone asked
Because your left hand is near to your heart
That is my answer to you and everyone too

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    This Poems Story

    A man loves his girl so much to extent every night he stood in the dark particularly from out of her house. Why he is doing that? And what she did in order to grant him and his way of loving her? And why she didn't put the gift on his right hand? She answered him and everyone too. ....(love force you to do crazy things)....