Why Not Love?

Ye who reads this, why not love?
What stops the one seeing words on a page
From loving their own heart
From the end to the start?

The one who writes this and the one who reads
Are one and the same, united in need
For further connection, love and truth
All the way from old age back again to youth
We grow together all the while
Who knew we were God? Let's have a smile.

The end of denial is the acceptance of wonder
Within heart strings over and under, let
Seeing this tear your world asunder
And render your mind speechless once again.

A friend's words have spoken as you-
Who knew that you were what is all ways true?

Do you doubt that you are all that is,
Or are you content with love's mystery
Now at the end you realize you are freedom
Itself, love unbounded including yourself.

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