Why Question Humanity?

By Da Poet   

What causes one to lose their dignity, and display a belligerent manifestation of the mind? All filled with sensitive emotions and radical sensations we find.
How can one man's trash be another man's treasure? I suppose this cliche' couldn't have explained it any better?

But, here's another example for all to see, perhaps, another cliche' proved true
so indubitably? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, like the wisdom we should gain as we grow older.

This explanation maybe good for some, but not for all; which defines our personalities when they're up against a wall.

And what of Confucius, what would he say? A wise man of high degree, but still that would be his perspective, and we're not all inclined to agree?

So I guess the point I'm trying to make is one that has never been solved, that there are somethings that can't be explained, because their too involved.

Defying logic with impulsive resolve, with no rhyme or reason, no reason at all.


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