Why She Craves Her Bed Sheets

Incense soaked walls hold all her secrets
Television chirps gently as she sleeps
Perched in her alcove of comfort

It is never truly dark in there, she never allows it
Because maybe something will come from the depths
And reach out to her once she's gave into lethargy
Her crystal lamp cuts through the dark
Ever so slightly throughout the night
Blanketing her in soft light while she’s lost in her dreams

The walls have seen her laugh, they’ve seen her weap
They’ve seen her in all of her entirety
And still they welcome her back every single night

And this is why when she is away
She craves so desperately to be encased
Within the grey walls that always console her in darkness
The walls that have seen all of her
And still take her in anyways

She is addicted to the endless flirtation
That her drained and weak carcass has
With her wrinkled sheets in the morning
She spends all day lusting for the comfort of her bed

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