Why Should Be Practical ?

Everyone says be practical
But why should be practical ?
As that will not make me feel happy

Why should be practical ?
As that will snatch my comfort
To make me specimen of spectacle
And make me feel prisoner of war
War between my brain and heart
Thought that will intake my freedom
And gave prison to my innocence

Why should be practical ?
As that will murder my childish heart
And make me heartless,rude,
A person full of egotism,without
any feeling just like lifeless plant
A person who can't see,hear and
Feel the beauty of nature

Why should be practical ?
As i know my brain will never
Allow me to hear melodious voice
of nature between so much noise of
World,bright sun,green lively lands
Speechless but emotional species
speedy wind waves,musical waterfalls
and rivers that never rests

If real beauty of life is in
illogical things
Then why people try to find
Logic in everything

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