Why Sisyphus is Happy

Why Sisyphus is Happy
A rumbling boulder makes its way
Up and down everyday
Only to be pushed again
By a punished man with nothing to gain
One may see a tired soul
Trying to meet an impossible goal
Deserving only of pity
Condemned to push for eternity

But unbeknownst to those around
In his world he’s content and sound
For nothing is harder to achieve
Than the comfort of routine
No sudden twists and hurtful turns
No new lessons to be learnt
No wars to win no battles to fight
No loss no pain no wrong no right

Camus said imagine a happy man
With his fate, doing the best he can
And burdened though he might be
The unattainable goal sets him free
Free of chasing meaning in time
Free of finding purpose in life
Free of craving, lust and greed
Free of fear, loss and unending needs

For if one day the rock stood still
And didn’t roll back down to the foothills
What then would his life’s purpose be
He would become like you and me
Always searching for where he stands
What he believes and what he wants
So though his life seems dull and tough
It couldn’t be better for Sisyphus

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