Why So Much Hatered

Why so much hatered in the city we all love
born and raise where we get out the mud, you'll say
but tell me this hear, we all saying stop the violence let us live
but how when they killing our kids?
so much hatered please tell me why?
How can i survive, watching the news everyday somebody lost they life
put the guns down teach our kids to provide
see in god eyes, we live to die.
but not so soon this stuff bring tears to my
MLK didnt die for this lets prove we better then how its been
show the world we can live and be strong again
now a days you got to watch your back from kin
lets build and protect to show them we better then them
but why so much hatered once again
when its gone end
how can i make it when another one has brung hatered
let our young men make it
putting they all in they songs just for someone to take it
they dont want us to survive we got to get better
We all got great minds lets put them to test
We can do whatever we can and make it our best
stop the Violence
stop killing our kids
but why so much hatered pleaselets this be a end.

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