Why Stay?

Why would I stay?
I turn my back never to turn again.
But still I look back just to see you one last time.
Soon turning back walking faster holding my head high in confidence.
I think and speak of you no more
I have released myself of your chains.
I move downward to the path of success.
I remove my mask no longer just like you.
The future is my friend so I follow it.
Goodbye I say waving to our Economy that kept me hold.
I drop the chains of our Society to be my own.
Lets be free and be our own people lets not be like others.
But you see we are trapped bound, but that's what you think.
We can break free but not as a team but individually.
We have to be strong and everyone shall drop there masks,
And be who they truly are.
Or we shall stay bound by the chains and
withhold of this Society and Economy.
This world doesn't care anything about us,
So don't think for a second it does.
It is not this Economy and Society that keeps us bound,
It is not the World that keeps us bound,
But it is us who keeps us bound.
We are the Society and let alone the Economy.
We the people are the withhold, we are the chains, and
we are the masks we have made.
So now I ask,
Why would we stay?

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