Why the Disrespect?

Why do you talk down to me?
You say you love me and want the best
But you never ask of me what's to be
You just give orders or make it a jest
At me-you just bark and snap
I don't feel the love anymore
It's seems you'd rather take a nap
That, to you, I am just a bore
I know you used to love poems
Little notes about how much I love you
And as I am enjoying my jeroboam
My cheeks become wet like the dew
Thinking about how it used to be with us
I'd walk by, and you'd always reach out
Now when I come home, it's no big fuss
How long till you notice I'm not about?
How can we have happily ever after
When I feel like you'd rather be with anyone else
I miss the fun and the laughter
Now when I look at you, my heart melts
It melts from fear that I am no longer your soul mate
It melts from fear that you regret our being
Perhaps you and I are not after all fate
Perhaps you and I should actually be fleeing
You to your past and before we had met
Me to myself and darkness as it was before
For that is what I knew before I fell in your net
If you were to flee, you'd think of me no more.

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