Why the Gold Has Gone

Once I was a child,
Fragile as could be.
Now, my life has spiraled,
I'm no longer me.

I thought all things were good;
I thought all things could be.
I never thought the change, would
Make the good all flee.

A thousand days have passed,
A thousand I have seen.
And of all that's happened,
I don't know what it means.

What once was nice,
Like candy on your ice cream, or lemonade with ice,
Now it's all but dreams,
For, gold comes at a price.

Charge us by the ounce,
We buy it out of greed.
But no one good amount,
Will help us when we bleed.

Though it's good,
It's also sharp and dangerous,
It changes our life mood,
And helps, but also injures us.

We leave the gold to waste,
Use it as we please.
But what will take its place,
When we're all in need?

All gold breaks,
It doesn't last.
Then we'll wake,
We'll see what's passed.

We're doing wrong,
And it's apparent;
That's why the gold is gone,
And why we should now share it.

Once I was a child,
Fragile as could be.
Now, I'm not a child.
I'm a brand new me.

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