Why? the Life of a Circus Animal

Every day begins the same,
I wake up inside this cage
I'm given food,
and water too,
but this ain't what I want to do
I look up into the sky,
I see the birds and wonder why?
Why can't I be free up there?
I lower my head,
No one cares.
Night time comes,
The main tent grows loud,
I see the faces in the crowd.
They point and laugh and stare at me,
Why don't they care? Why don't they see?
The pain I have,
It is for real.
I'm scared again,
That's all I feel.
One more day,
Then on that train,
Inside a cage for seven days.
Further away from all I know,
Why am I forced into this show?
I miss my home, my family, my friends.
Is this my life until the end?

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