Why The Wind Whispers

I witnessed it with my own eyes,
Her unachievable death,
Her body chained to the barren earth
which was licked with sharp flames.
The chains sliced into tender skin
drawing crimson on a ghost.
But she remained silent.

The night fell and the gods came forth
lighting the night sky. Silent.
Then she simply spoke: 'I will not die.
My body my be still and my eyes may not open.
But I will not be made to stone.'

Flames rose to engulf her in raging roars
that filled the night's silence.
Her bloody, bruised body...gone, leaving only
dark ashes and rising smoke.

The wind carried her at sunrise
across the land, like a prayer.
The valleys cried bitterly and
the mountains moaned with the rivers
as the wind carried the whispers
of Freedom's spirit.

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