Why They Hate It

By Val   

They hate it. Every bit of their body try's to shake it away.
The most supportive are the most destructive.
Some are oblivious to it, some ignore it.
But it still lingers. In the back of the Children's mind, ringing in their ears.
Criticism alludes to disappointment.
And the disappointment drives the hatred.
Why do children hate to play in athletics?
The teachers are why.

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This Poems Story

I am a huge sports fanatic, whether its playing or watching i am 100% invested. Watching such an amazing pastime comes with the unfortunate realization that such amazing athletes end up giving up on themselves because they don't feel like they are good enough for their coaches, parents, etc. If a child is worried about messing up and getting criticized for the mistake they will more than likely make that error in any athletic meet. I, being a young adult and athlete, want to see kids flourish in athletics because they want to be good, not out of fear. I want to see them love it because they have aspirations, not because their parents do.