Why us, Why not them?

Why us, why not them,
Each of the accusations, everyone blame,
But understand it's sure not a game,
Opting clothes of own choice is not matter of shame,
Neither it's done for others, nor for fame,
It's merely our choice not a blunder of lame,
Oh! Why us, why not them,
Your thoughts are what one should tame,
Either you stare or have slang to exclaim,
Which are creepy and stalkerish at the time same,
Just think if you too have to cope with them,
So live and let us live peacefully like a gem,
Huh! Why us,why not them?
Over and over clothes have been accused of being skelm,
Then answer a simple query of mine o sir and my dame,
Why oh why an eight months old was raped without shame,
Was her diaper as sensual as you claim?
Or was it her frock that got you overwhelm?
Just tell me...why us why not them??

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