Why we cheat?

An article published by a distinguished
Gentleman quoting his reasons and
collectively the voice for all those
that are inclined to cheat as:
You wear ‘em granny panties,
with cold, cracked, rough feet,
stretch marks and chapped lips,
saggy breasts with fat behinds,
perfume never to be used,
nails looking like never-mind,
he went on as a choice to beat
women into admission of guilt.

This enraged the fairer sex
who would rather stage a coupe
than read with discernment but
for the rest of us, it was an
enlightenment in terms of their ignorance:
for our fragrance blows their fancy as
we all know, our beauty an anodyne
for the heart ache men feel without us,
to find his way through the sanguine labyrinth
of passion that can only be satiated
in her loving embrace.

I will be damned at ‘Granny panties’ though
for if that were a reason to cheat
it is never part of the equation:
removed, discarded, REMOVED.
it’s not a dandy reason!

I say as a rendition:
Join the ‘No Panties’ Club
Bend lower when doing the
chores while he lay importantly
on the couch being a Grouch
should he be distracted to touch or rub
snub him relentlessly.

One way to beat him into submission!

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This Poems Story

Who to blame? when cheating is afoot...it is a choice and not an opportunity that falls on your lap. Those who are faithful, only know the trivial side of love...it is the unfaithful who knows love's tragedies...