Why We Should Remember WWI

Why wouldn't you want to remember the first world war Are you absurd? Have you a clue of what occurred?
Several countries were dragged into the clash, all promised a piece of land or an avid wad of cash
Others got nothing from the lends, but the mutilated corpses of families and friends

And because of persistent battles all season, 10 million innocents were killed for no reason
Weepings of mothers filled the streets, no child could encounter a full night of peace
Bangs of guns and tormented screams echoed through the battlefield, yet every commander stubbornly refused to yield

Soldiers were stranded in the filthy trenches their heartbeat intensifying from ceaseless tensions
They suffered from trench foot, rats nipped at their skin, they all continue living from the sheer hope that they just might win
It was only when the German forces decided to surrender, where the soldiers were finally allowed to return to their homely shelter

All the gunshots were seized and the soldiers started to mend the fragile diseased
In their countless homelands vast, were piles upon piles of gravestones stacked
Most with a stone cross on the soil above their heads, as a belief that someday they might rise up from their beds

Rulers shaped wars and caused the youth to bleed, how long- do you think- can we handle their greed
These are the parts of history that should not be erased, not the gory, not the unspeakable, not one of them should be replaced
Because the bad is a lesson and the good is too, both of them embedded into yesterday’s tattoo
So I ask you again, and please answer truthfully, why would you refuse to remember

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