Why Weep, Willow?

Death, turn away your face so gray.
You are not welcome, for there is still breath in me.
Blessed is each day, there is always love.
Haunt me only when every dream fades.
Sorrow lingers while pain devours
For loved ones may not be here tomorrow.
Giving in to this dying petal that falls away from the flower.
Remembering only the sweet smell the once filled the air
Waiting for a miracle to show its roots...
This tree singing a song of life
Of how its sisters are rings of time.
Hope is a seed that fell so far from this weeping tree.
Wind carry these prayers a long way,
Unspoken hoping to be heard.
Branches growing, revealing true meaning.
Why weep, willow? This journey is one of
what has, what is, and will be.

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