Why won\’t Poetry Nation let me delete my account?


Why won't you scumbags let me delete my account? It's well known you guys are fucking thieves and the internet explains that very well with web sites dedicated to filing complaints against Poetry Nation/Eber & Wein Publishing. Sorry ass motherfuckers! Fucking sad I have to resort to calling you names but you are frustrating me at this point by not responding to over two years of messaging!

I want to delete my account with Poetry Nation/Eber & Wein, but it seems there is no way to delete it? I can't find a "Delete" button anywhere? I have contacted Poetry Nation/Eber & Wein on 3 separate occasions to delete my account, but they are not responding to me for some reason? I also found some dirt on this website. It's in the link below. Alot of pissed off people being stolen from by poetry nation/Eber & Wein Publishing. Not to mention accross the internet. Including facebook. On facebook there is a page dedicated to filing complaints against them. Thats how bad it's getting.



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