Why Worry

Some might say that the light of day is about to be blown out
Some may fear that the end is near while others laugh in spite
And who can tell if the Devil and Hell are nothing more than campfire stories
One more night ready to fight for the breathe of morning

So why worry if you and me are in this same boat we call life
A sigh of relief to sooth the beast that holds its claws in us so tight
These unknown days of fog and haze are about to clear as we regain our sight

Lets illuminate our destined fate to shine the colors we hold inside
So give up the fight because we're alright just sit back and enjoy the ride
Will the last one out please scream and shout that there's no reason to hide

So why do we cry when the fear is all a lie
Who holds the key for all to see the almighty truth
Our numbered days are just a phase and knowing this is our victory

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