Why Would I Change.


By: Hannah P Henry

Why would I change me, to suite you.
Change who I am, but love you.
Change all that makes me who I am,
The me, you find hard to understand.

Change what makes me-outstanding,
Unique, and loved by oh so many.
Why would I change, so you can hold-me up high on a pedestal.
Should I just change to make you happy?.
Strip all, before there was you, all of me that makes me happy.

Change all that separates me, from this world and society.
What exactly should I change?
Go back in time an recreate.
Should I change my mom and dad?Change things from them, that I now have.
Should I be loosing my mind too?Thinking of ways I should undo.
Should I be wanting- love this bad?Should wanting love make me-this mad?.

If I change it all, Who would I be?.
When I return, would you even notice me?
Would you finally love me back?
Would our lives finally, get on track?
Could it be possible, you'd pass me by.
Without a wave, not even a Hi.

Would i be so foolish, to change it all?
In hopes to gain your love and attention.
And forget all the love, I failed to mention.
The love from family/friends, not to mention-
The love from my kids and never ending attention.
So if to gain your love, I should stop loving me.
I'd rather love me, and have you as a memory.

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