Why Year 2020?

I thought year 2020 is full of grace
Filled with happiness that I gladly to embrace
Shocking to unveil then able to trace
The hardest battle I had ever faced.

My only wish then is with you to care
Even for a while with you to share
It turned the scariest I swear to bare
Even the braveist never endure nor dare.

The turmoil of year 2020
Was an immense distress
Betrayal of hope to all helpless
Unfaithful, traitor, heartless.

To let you remain I truly dear
But all I gained were made it clear
Wrap with anger and so with fear
Down of sadness next burst in tears.

Leave this year 2020
With no thoughts to remember
Cease the quest and doubtful wander
Curse its battles and bitter sober.

Count the joy have poured and showered
Yet deep within like troubling water
Throbbing in nightmare can't deal to ponder
Remain a callous and scar forever.

I hate year 2020
Will I despise this year or you?
Can I still face year 2021
Together or far from you?

My only prayer and wish this new year
This heart stop suffer from cut of shears
Like lossing someone that is so near
Still look back of that last year.

May I face year 2021 with all God's love
My only strenght from up above
The only source for my greatest hope
Even life is full of dope.

Dearest soul don't be like deaf
Hid that voices saving you from death
Many blissfull days awaits and left
It may frighten you like that of a theft.

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