Why You Are You

At the end of the day when the long day is done,
I take a hot bath and cuddle right up in my bed,
I sit and ponder on the day that's just past,
An I often drift off to all the times that have past,
As I lay there an reminisce on the the lessons I've learned,
I look to the skies and thank the good lord above,
For all of the blessings he's given me over the years,
And how blessed I truly am for all the wonderful years,
All the people I've met through out my life,
And the part they all played in this wonderful life,
Some I call acquaintances,
Some I call friend,
But if they ever needed me I'd surely be there,
I think back to the love that I've shared and how lucky I am,
To have more time to open my heart and share,
Love has come and fallen by the way,
But the trick is be positive and live a new day,
The important thing to remember as you reminisce,
Is the things you've lived through,
Is truly the reason you are you.

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