Why'd You Leave So Soon?

You were the biggest part of my life.
You left me on Thanksgiving morning.
Everyone was mourning, everyone but I.
I knew your pain, I knew your mistakes.
When you took your life, you took my faith.
I couldn't cry, I'm sorry.
I was in a confused world of worry.
Mom hasn't been the same.
I can't say the same for the kids.
They say your all to blame.
You were the one to abandon them.
Suicide to a Christian is a definite sin.
I wouldn't know anything about that, would I?
I look up and all I see is just a sky.
I try not to think about the past,
but I can't stop it from interfering with my dreams.
When dreams become so real, and I can hear your voice,
I wake up with a scream.
I miss you terribly,
More then I can explain,
I'd rather not go into detail,
because like you.. I'd go insane.
Insanity gets the best of the important people of life.
The difference between you and I?
I chose to live, you chose to die.

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