Wild animals were wild , when we were noble savage
Now we are wild ,animals are mild
Wild animals lived in jungles ,but now they are in cages
Cages made by man ,who called them human
In old times when animals were wild
There was wildest survival and wildest revival,
Now,we are wild,
there is wildest greenery , wildest scenery
Because of wildest machinery,
Animals called us wild ,they know their and our own child are not safe
Animals are weeping on our cheating
They are on strike,cause we called immoral men as wild animal ,
Having in their hand banners and charts ,
Written on them !we want justice
Justice for wildlife and justice for our child
Animals are saying that you are wild
Making buildings on our residences
We are victims of your wildness
Your women are not safe ,bullying prevailed everywhere
Harassment , child labour and mass killing spread everywhere
No one is safe from modern men
Modern men full of prejudice , and social evils Are men
They called us wild ? Now we are on strike
Call us wild but not to men
Or whether call men wild but not to us.

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