Wild Freedom

I want to have no barriers,
I want to run as fast and as far as I can.
Freedom being my only desire,
Being day or night it matters not,
For who's to say what is right or wrong?
I want to make the choice,
Believing I will find my destiny only by being free.
No ties, no rules to hold me down;
Living in the moment is my way of life.
Reality begins to open my mind.
Living only for freedom comes at a price;
Hunger, fatigue, cold nights, loneliness,
Infringe upon my freedom.
In order to be free, I must take care of me.
While preparing to become independent,
For a time, I must be bound to learning;
Gaining knowledge for lifelong living,
Feeling sorrow for misdeeds done,
Showing remorse for those I may have hurt,
Allowing those who love me to help me,
Respecting and loving them back.
Only then can I do what I want to do
And be who I want to be.
Only then can I be truly free.

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This Poems Story

The life portrayed in this poem is of one very dear to my heart. He recently turned eighteen; this poem was written for his birthday. As I read it to him, I could tell it touched him. Give those who follow this path unconditional love. Never, never, never give up on them. Many prayers have been said, many prayers have been answered, and many prayers will be said for him as he continues on his journey. He knows I will always love him, no matter what. I am encouraged to continue to write and hopefully compile my poetry into a book.