Wild Strawberries and the Fawn

In late June my sisters and I
would go wild strawberry picking.
We'd go to our favorite place
in the third field, on Grammie's farm.
Under the warm sun, on hands and knees
picking and eating berries,
anticipating strawberry shortcake.
I went to find another spot.
As I looked down, I found
a fawn lying so still,
asleep in the tall grass.
I signaled to my sisters
as we three came closer,
the fawn jumped up, on wobbly legs,
he went running to his parents.
They were standing in our field
ready to protect their baby.
Then the three ran into the next field,
and we went back to our task.
We picked some more berries and
some wildflowers.
Mom did make strawberry shortcake
as she always had frozen ones to
add to what we brought home.

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