Wild Trees

Racing little bare feet in a backyard,
Sterile meadows, with her best shoes on.
Raising her right hand, slowly, she knew,
A heroin, weak legs, as a new fawn
Playful imaginary games
He never returned her love.
Begging the wind to keep her strong,
First kiss, soft hand, a canoe ride under the stars.
Trembling, feeling helpless
Would he come after her?
Maybe she after him.
“You have to cry” the wind whispered loudly.
She bent her head, refusing to weep
Hardly standing, she saw herself holding a baby
He loves her, she trusts him, a new life
Her legs yelling, She finally allows herself to tear.
Past years hiding his secrets, a queen without a heart
Fighting enemies always in the dark
The wild trees bending her, making her fall.
She cries out, releasing her call
She hears a cough in the distance.
A shuffle of papers
The meadow all gone.
Now, it is just a cold courtroom.
She asks herself,
Where did it go wrong?

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