Wildflowers Make Dangerous Women

Gardens and fields and meadows of blossoms.
Most inherently fragile, more amalgamated with shared roots.
In full bloom, they are meant to be aesthetically provocative,
Purposefully intimidating; precipitating strong responses to their form
Even though they are primarily delicate in their existence.
Infused with the essence to both create and destroy life,
Carrying the power to heal if distinguished amongst the patch.
Observe Wisely.
They’re abundant in assortment, alluring & aromatic, yet
The bulk possess potentially caustic natural defenses
Unearthed by uninvited unforgiving elements.
If crushed, a fatal concoction may be produced from their mangled essence.
Attempts at taming their liveliness are exhaustive and futile because
Instincts promote adaptation,
And their demise only motivates a circle back to their growth.

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