Will I Ever Be?

My mind is wandering, my thoughts are haunted,
Self loathing and hate: knowing I'm not wanted.
The voice won't stop; it's winning the war,
Telling me in detail what I'm hated for.
Will I ever be? Will I take the plea?

I know I'm a good person deep inside,
Even though I feel the real me has died.
I was a kind soul not long ago,
I don't know how I've sunk so low.
Will I ever be? Will I ever truly be me?

The voice keeps on yelling, shouting, screaming,
My heart is fighting, trying to be redeeming.
I cry out and cry out, but no one can hear,
The darkness is winning; it's my deepest fear.
Will I ever be? Will I ever be free?

My heart gives in; I lost the war,
The real me is gone; I am no more.
The darkness is here; it's all consuming,
The person I've become is forever dooming.
I will never be. I will never be who I want to be.

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