Will I Stay?

As the car's engine hums
I stick my head out the window,
I am gasping for air.
I feel like a fish out of water
So I ask, will I stay?

Suddenly the car freezes.
My vision is fading.
I try to find my surroundings.
I catch a glimpse of the ER symbol
So I ask, will I stay?

Now I can hardly see anything,
I shut my eyes maybe for good,
and then I am lost in utter darkness.
My breathing slows,
so I ask, will I stay?

As I wake, I lay in a bed.
Around me, white lurked in every corner,
there are a million pins stabbed in me.
"Beep. beep. beep," goes a machine behind me.
In front of me sits my mom.
Her face is stained with tears
but now I know.
I will stay.

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This Poems Story

Allergies to food are not classified as a disease but could be life threatening. It was one of those days when unknowingly I ate a piece of food which caused a bad reaction and a trip to the ER. This is my first poem and reflects my own experience. I am blessed with loving parents, little brother and thoughtful relatives, school staff, friends, and neigbors, who always consider my safety as a priority. I am twelve years old now, and I dedicate this poem to all other kids who suffer from various food allergies. "Bring the awareness of allergies and keep a child safe."